Finding Fukuoka Is Online

Finding FukuokaAfter visiting for the first time in 2010, I knew I was meant to come live here and explore Fukuoka the same way I had explored Osaka. I have always been fascinated by Kyushu, with its fascinating history, abundance of historic and natural sights, and unique aspects that make it seem almost a separate country from the rest of Japan. Fukuoka in particular has always interested me, and after coming to visit for the first time in 2010, I was able to confirm most of what I had heard and read: the food is unparalleled, the atmosphere warm and inviting, the beaches plentiful, the people down-to-earth, the city one of the most livable in Japan. After my first visit, I decided that this was the next place I wanted to live.

The goals I hold for this blog are similar to those of Osaka Insider:

  • Fill a gap: there is distinct lack of quality sightseeing information on Fukuoka in English geared toward overseas visitors and expats
  • Provide insights that only a bilingual, history-obsessed, ramen-loving, knowledgeable Japanophile living on-site can provide
  • Inspire more people to learn about and visit one of my favorite places in Japan

The main difference in my approach to blogging on Fukuoka is that I am not an “insider” as I was when started blogging on Osaka. That is why I chose the name “Finding Fukuoka”: I am discovering this place piece by piece, while trying to dig deep and unearth unique aspects of Fukuoka even seasoned residents may not know about—in other words, find the “true” Fukuoka. In addition, from my base in Fukuoka, I intend to travel around the rest of Kyushu and bring you insights on other locales as well.

I hope both loyal readers of Osaka Insider and new readers alike will enjoy what I have to offer. As for other bloggers, writers, and residents of Fukuoka, I hope you will welcome me as a new face in town so that we can grow together and learn from each other.

Writing to you from Yakuin in the heart of Fukuoka City, I welcome you all to Finding Fukuoka. Feel free to take a look at the About Me page for more details on me, my history, and what I do.

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3 Responses to Finding Fukuoka Is Online

  1. obi says:

    Found your new website and safed it already in my browser 😉

  2. This is amazing.
    All of my questions answered and so much more. If only I would have found this before my first trip to Kyushu ! !
    Its gems like this blog that not only get you excited to go somewhere but make you feel prepared enough to be able to enjoy the intricacies of a place instead of worrying about all the planning and getting around that goes along with traveling.
    Any advice on where to stay? Are hostels the most economic?
    Thanks so much!

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