Yakuin Saka-Bar Pica Pica

Pica Pica

Yakuin is a trendy, quiet neighborhood with an abundance of unique shops, restaurants and bars, and its popularity has been gradually rising. Pica Pica is one of my favorite bars not only in Yakuin, but in Fukuoka City as a whole.

Pica Pica is a wine bar, and while it does carry other basic drinks, its main focus is the diverse variety of 20 or so white and red wines it serves. The owner switches brands in and out every three to four weeks to keep things interesting, and the staff takes special care when choosing the wines (almost all imported), so customers can sample a multitude of rich flavors from every continent around the world. Despite the high quality of the wines Pica Pica carries, prices start from 300 yen a glass, with the highest-priced selections in the 700-yen range. If you have any wine-related questions or simply want a recommendation, ask the friendly and knowledgeable staff, who are always eager to help.

Food is also available, ranging from 200-400 yen for tapas and 300 yen and upward for other European-style snacks, which are prepared with quality ingredients and care.

Pica Pica

The combination of great prices, the laid-back cafe-like atmosphere (limited balcony seating is also available), and delicious wines makes Pica Pica a winner. The bar is coming up on its seventh year in business, and it shows.

Pica Pica is located near the Muttsukado (six corners) intersection on the second floor of the SK Building (almost directly across the street from the Bon Repas supermarket). It is a 5-7 min. walk from Yakuin Station (Nishitetsu Omuta Line, Nanakuma Subway Line), and a bit closer from Yakuin-Odori Station (Nanakuma Subway Line). It is open from 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM (closed on Sundays), and there is no service or cover charge.

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