Pepsi Pink (aka “Pepsi” Pepto-Bismol Pink)

Pepsi Pink

Pepsi Pink

Continuing my tradition of reviewing unusual limited-time flavors put out by Pepsi Japan, I present to you one of this year’s new flavors: Pepsi Pink. In the past I have reviewed flavors such as Pepsi Baobab, Pepsi Mont Blanc, Pepsi Cucumber and even Pepsi Azuki (the last two are the leading contenders for champion of disgusting).

And this time it’s Pepsi Pink, an enigmatic name that doesn’t reveal much about what’s inside. Upon closer inspection, the bottle has the description “strawberry and milk flavor” (in English for some reason–perhaps to trick us into thinking that this was actually released in the United States?). The label is also designed to look like a strawberry, but then again, I have never seen a pink strawberry.

So….wait a second, that means strawberry, milk and Pepsi flavors mixed together??

Upon twisting off the cap, a pink mist slowly rose from the nearly glowing pink liquid inside–a liquid whose color reminded me strongly of Pepto-Bismol–and an overpoweringly sweet smell came up with it. And after taking my first sip, it hit me that it wasn’t just the odor…this was very sweet.

You know how you can use a tiny bouillon cube to make a giant bowl of soup? You would never pop a bouillon cube in your mouth and eat it, because that would be like pressure-injecting a giant pot of soup down your throat, right? Well, I feel like Pepsi Pink is the equivalent for sweetness, the bouillon cube that acts as the base for making a giant pot of SWEET.

As for the milk and strawberry, I can’t really comment. The SWEET was so overpowering that I could barely taste them. I’m not even sure if the Pepsi flavor is retained at all, or if the name “Pepsi” is just slapped on there for kicks–if the flavor does remained, it has been soundly defeated first by the SWEET, then by the milk and strawberry.

In conclusion, I think the name should be changed to “Pepsi” Pepto-Bismol Pink, with the description changed from “strawberry and milk flavor” to “probably a strawberry and milkish flavor?” to let the customer know what they are really buying.

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2 Responses to Pepsi Pink (aka “Pepsi” Pepto-Bismol Pink)

  1. Rurousha says:

    The name alone made me think this would be the most revolting Pepsi ever, but I could finish a whole bottle without grimacing. It’s faintly vaguely sortofishly strawberryish. PS: I love your alternative name, Pepto-Bismol Pink! 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    Good ‘ol Pepsi! I am tempted to try this one if I can find it in the US.

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