Kego Shrine Foot Bath

Kego Shrine foot bath (exterior)

I’d like to start this, my 50th post, by thanking all of my loyal readers for their continuing support. Finding Fukuoka has steadily gained popularity since its humble beginnings, with a notable spike in visits in 2012. As a token of my gratitude, I’m using this post to share a very special spot hidden away in central Tenjin that I think you will all enjoy 🙂

Kego Shrine, a popular spot located in central Fukuoka City, has opened a foot bath! The bath uses natural mineral water heated to a comfortably warm temperature, and it is cleaned regularly. The small structure housing the foot bath is located in a corner of the shrine that is filled with greenery that accents the natural wood design, and the cool breezes and moderate temperatures make spring and autumn ideal times to treat your feet to a short break.

The foot bath is free of charge, but visitors are encouraged to make a small donation (saisen) to support the facility’s operation, just as they would when visiting any shrine building. Bottled water and towels are available for a low price, or you can bring your own towel and buy a cold drink from the vending machine near the west entrance to the shrine complex.

Kego Shrine (main shrine building)

Kego Shrine is just a few steps south of Kego Park and west of Nishitetsu Tenjin Station and Tenjin-minami Station on the Nanakuma Subway Line (map here). You can get to the foot bath by passing through the main torii gate and turning left just before entering the area enclosing the main shrine building.

Kego Shrine foot bath (view from inside)

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2 Responses to Kego Shrine Foot Bath

  1. illahee says:

    wow, that’s really nice! i’ll have to try it out some time.

  2. tukusigal says:

    I never knew about this place. I will check it out when I go back to Fukuoka next time. Thank you!

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