“Finding Fukuoka” Guidebook in the Works

As many of you predicted following the January release of my Osaka guidebook, I have begun planning and research for my Fukuoka guidebook. It will cover Fukuoka City and nearby destinations (Dazaifu, Yanagawa, Imari, etc.), and since Fukuoka is a famous for its gourmet and sake, it will feature a stronger focus on dining and drinking this time around (including, of course, a ramen guide and a sake (nihonshu) guide). Considering how well my translation work is going (aka uber-busy), the book will probably take quite a bit of time, but rest assured there will be a high-quality English-language Fukuoka guidebook in the not-so-distant future! In the meantime, I will update this blog as much as my schedule permits and continue to bring you useful and interesting information on this city and island that I love.

A special thanks goes out to my regular readers–it’s thanks to you that I have to motivation to take on this new project!

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6 Responses to “Finding Fukuoka” Guidebook in the Works

  1. Marco says:

    Yay! And don’t forget the beach guide :)!

  2. Tompkins Diane says:

    Great blog about a city I love – will look forward to your book! I try to travel there several times a year to visit family, and I make new discoveries each time I’m there. As an artist, I find so much to feed my hand and eye. Thanks again for helping me see your Fukuoka.


  3. Janet says:

    Excellent! Don’t forget about the blog though, even if he entries are short, it’s better than nothing! Can’t wait to see it! Have you been out to the giant farmers market in the country side? I forget the name but it’s awesome!

  4. SusieQ says:

    Osaka Insider was a very well-researched book. I am looking forward to Finding Fukuoka.

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