Yusentei Park: Fukuoka City’s Best Japanese Garden

Although it is called a park, this is actually a Japanese garden — the best such garden in Fukuoka City. Originally built as a sort of vacation house by the 6th Kuroda clan feudal lord of the castle town of Fukuoka in 1754, Yusentei Park (友泉亭公園) was reopened by Fukuoka City in 1981 as a historical park and officially designated as a place of scenic beauty by the city in 1998. This purely Japanese-style garden is constructed in the chisen kaiyu-shiki (池泉廻遊式) style, meaning it is a strolling garden centered on a scenic pond. The lush walking paths of this spacious garden wind through the thick trees and moss-covered rocks, up miniature “mountains” and along the shore of the carp-filled pond, immersing visitors in a uniquely Japanese landscape garden atmosphere. At the large teahouse overlooking the pond, visitors can enjoy maccha powdered green tea (300 yen) in tatami-mat rooms facing the serene waters just as lords of past eras once did.

The fastest way to get to the garden is to take the Nanakuma Subway Line to Ropponmatsu Station, and from there take bus 12 or 12-1 for about 10 min. to Yusentei bus stop (walk north for 5 min. along the river to get to the park’s entrance). Buses 12 and 12-1 also run directly from Tenjin and Hakata Station, although travel on busy roads means this may take some time (at least 25 min. from Tenjin, and at least 41–43 min. from Hakata Station). If you feel up for a stroll, it can be reached in about 25 min. on foot from Ropponmatsu Station.

Admission is 200 yen for adults and 100 yen for children. The garden is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is closed on Mondays (or the next day if Monday is a national holiday) and during the New Year’s holiday period (December 29 to January 1), but open on May 3/4 even if that day falls on a Monday.

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1 Response to Yusentei Park: Fukuoka City’s Best Japanese Garden

  1. Noelle says:

    Wow! It is really a beautiful Japanese garden. Very serene indeed.

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