Progress Report on the Finding Fukuoka Guidebook

I’m making steady progress on the first draft of the Finding Fukuoka guidebook, and the final product should be finished and released sometime in 2013 (the specific date depends heavily on my work schedule, but I’m aiming for the first half of the year). I’ve finished sightseeing sections for most of the city and surrounding area (including Nokonoshima Island, Dazaifu, Karatsu, Okawachiyama (Imari), etc.).

I have also decided to focus heavily on gourmet in this book, to the point that  it has become a combined “travel and gourmet guide” as opposed to a mere “travel guide.” At this point, I am planning to include 130+ restaurants, bars and izakaya (and a few sweets shops) throughout Fukuoka City. This has been made possible thanks to collaboration with a good friend and knowledgeable long-time resident here in Fukuoka–I have decided to pool my knowledge with a small handful of locals this time to produce a more thorough sightseeing and gourmet resource (in contrast to my first guidebook, Osaka Insider, which I did entirely on my own).

You can also look forward to an updated version of the popular Finding Fukuoka Beach Guide, a ramen guide, a cherry blossom viewing guide, a nihonshu (Japanese sake guide) similar to the one up on this site, plenty of maps to help you navigate the city’s twisting streets, plenty of useful information to help tourists and newbies to Japan get oriented, and more!

In addition, I hope (no promises yet) to make the book available for direct purchasing in Japan this time around through an online store on this site, where copies of Osaka Insider will also be sold. The Finding Fukuoka guidebook will also be made available for Kindle at some point after the print copy is released.

In the meantime, I hope you will keep reading! You can now follow (“like”) Finding Fukuoka on Facebook in addition to keeping up with new posts via Twitter, your favorite news reader or e-mail notifications (see top-right of sidebar).

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2 Responses to Progress Report on the Finding Fukuoka Guidebook

  1. Diane Tompkins says:

    I’ll look forward to your published guidebook. Here’s another possible category of interest – as visitors and tourists, many of us are inspired by the Japanese tradition of omiagi, finding little presents to bring back to family and friends in our own countries.

    I’ve bought senbei (delicious crackers in fancy packaging), traditional sweets, great stationery and mingei from Beniya and little shops in Shintencho. And my favorite place is a deluxe washi shop and gallery called Paper Road near Tenjin. Let me know if you’re interested in a bigger list.

    My husband and I travel to Fukuoka from Kansas City several times a year to be with our son (a Japanese-to-English technical translator), our wonderful Japanese daughter-in-law and our 3 grandkids. Fukuoka is a wonderful city! Thanks for your fine posts.

    Diane Tompkins

  2. That’s a good idea! I’ll consider including it, although I can’t make any promises (I have already postponed numerous ideas until the second edition in order to finish the book within a reasonable timeline). I would welcome any recommendations you may have–you can send them to me via the “Contact Me” section of this site.

    I hope the guidebook and this site will be of use to you during your future visits 🙂

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