Mihara Tofu-ten

If you are a fan of tofu (which I certainly am), then Mihara Tofu-ten (三原豆腐店) should be your first stop in Fukuoka. From standard tofu dishes to innovative tofu delicacies and desserts, this shop has it all. A carefully assembled collection of nihonshu (Japanese sake) balances out the meal perfectly.

I personally recommend trying their atsu-age fried tofu (a type of abura-age) as well as their yuba (the thin tofu “skin” formed on the surface when soy milk is boiled), both of which are stunning.

Mihara Tofu-ten is located in Nishi-Nakasu, so it is only a short walk from Tenjin, Nakasu and Haruyoshi. It is very close to Tenjin Central Park and Deaibashi Bridge — the latter is located inside Central Park and offers some of the best river views in the city, especially at night. The ACROS Fukuoka building (with a free rooftop observatory and unique eco-conscious architecture) and most of Tenjin’s most popular shopping centers are also nearby.

Mihara Tofu-ten is 7-10 min. on foot from exit 16 of Tenjin Station (Kuko Subway Line), the central or south exit of Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station (Nishitetsu Tenjin-Omuta Line), exit 5 of Tenjin-minami Station (Nanakuma Subway Line), or exit 1 of Nakasu-Kawabata Station (Kuko Subway Line).  It is 3-4 min. on foot from Haruyoshi bus stop (take route 6, 6-1, 8. 46, 80 or 100 from the Tenjin area, or route 6, 6-1 or 100 from the Hakata Gate side of Hakata Station).

Restaurant hours are 5:00 p.m. to midnight (last order at 11:30 p.m.) with a business holiday on Sundays. Their location on Google Maps can be viewed here.

Mihara Tofu-ten’s Japanese website can be viewed here.

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